2000 Editions and Counting

The Chelmsford Talking Newspaper was proud to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2015. With the 2000th Edition going out on 9th July 2015.

The Talking Newspapers began nationwide in the 1970s by Ronald Sturt.  Ronald, along with his wife Felicity and young family moved to Chelmsford in 1973.

Ronald and Norman Hudson, Public Health Inspector at Chelmsford Borough Council and Chairman of the Mid-Essex Club for the Blind (as well as prominent member of the Rotary Club) introduced the Talking Newspaper to the Marconi Town of Chelmsford.

With David Ward as Editor and readers Stewart Rawlings and Barbara Wood, technician Robin Stevens, the first ever Talking newspaper was produced onto cassette in January 1975.  75 copies were recorded and issued free to blind listeners in Chelmsford.

In 1976 Norman and the recording team went on from recording in people's homes to a studio in a porta-cabin in the Farleigh grounds and their refurbished cottage in 2000.  In 2005, when Farleigh became a hospice the studio remained until Farleigh Hospice moved to Broomfield.  At that point the Talking Newspaper went to Longmead House Community Centre in Writtle.

At our peak we had over 300 members. As technology improved we went digital in 2010. We issue mp3 versions each week.

We maintained the production of cassette recordings for those who wanted them until 2019.


We offer website access; via the BWBF APP  (British Wireless for the Blind)  and broadcast via Chelmsford Community Radio on FM radio, as well as on their website. Alexa and Google Echo can also access Talking Newspapers with simple voice command.