How much does your service cost ?

 Completely free if you have a visual impairment and/or unable to read the newspaper. Postage is free. No charge for delivery or return.


Can the recordings be sent to me if I have a non visual disability ?

Yes, although if the free postage concession is not applicable to you, we may have to ask you to pay the postage costs.  


Can I ask for a sample before receiving recordings on a regular basis ?

Yes. Get in contact with us and we will arrange delivery.


 Do you supply any other services for the visually impaired ?

We supply the Talking Newspaper each week, WI Newsletter each month and Spotlight for Essex Blind Charity six times a year to listeners who request them. Details of other services and links are given in our newspaper recordings.


 How are the recordings delivered ?

The recordings are on mp3 memory sticks in a padded wallet with Velcro fastener. A reversible address label of the recipient and our return address is in the wallet pocket. After listening simply turn over the label, then pop the wallet into a convenient post box. No stamp is needed.


But I don't use a computer or have an mp3 player ?

No problem. We can help you there by providing a player and showing you how easy it is to use.


 Are any recordings produced in different languages ?

No, only in English. Other national and local organisations and further information from the Talking News Federation and National Talking Newspapers and Magazines.


 Can I get recordings if I live outside the Chelmsford district ?

Yes. You can also listen online, via BWBF App and from this site, Chelmsford Community Radio online or 104.4 FM

OR Please contact us with your details. Don't forget there may also be other Talking Newspaper groups within your area.


 What happens if I am unable to return the recording one week ?

 Return it as soon as you are able. Try and let us know.  Every listener is allocated 3 wallets.  


Can I get involved as a volunteer ?

 Yes you can. We have Readers, Recording Technicians, and an administrative Despatch Team. Visit our 'About Us' page and 'How To Volunteer'.


Can I make a donation to the Talking Newspaper ?

Yes. We are a registered charity and are always grateful for support and donations. For further information please get in contact with us.


What recording media is available?

We record to an mp3 memory stick; listen on this web site; via BWBF App (British Wireless for the Blind Fund); via Chelmsford Community Radio, and 104.4FM radio on Sunday evening.